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Always Pooping on Company Time' Mug: Embrace The Office Humour

Always Pooping on Company Time' Mug: Embrace The Office Humour

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Always Pooping on Company Time' Mug: Embrace Your Office Humor

Add a dash of cheeky charm to your workday with our 'Always Pooping on Company Time' mug. This hilariously bold mug is perfect for anyone who takes pride in mastering the art of efficient time management, even in the bathroom. Ideal for sipping your favourite brew while reflecting on those moments of quiet rebellion, it's a surefire way to inject some humour into the office or just keep you smiling at home.

Key Features:

Durable Ceramic Construction: Crafted to withstand daily use, our 11 oz mug is as sturdy as your commitment to productivity.
Optimal Size for Workday Hydration: Standing at 3.85″ (9.8 cm) in height and 3.35″ (8.5 cm) in diameter, it's the perfect vessel for coffee, tea, or any preferred beverage.
Easy Care: Dishwasher and microwave safe, because who wants to spend company time washing dishes?
Hilarious Gift Idea: The ideal present for coworkers, friends, or anyone who appreciates a good office joke. Perfect for birthdays, holidays, or as a quirky way to celebrate a new job.
Whether you're clocking in from the office or logging on from home, the 'Always Pooping on Company Time' mug is a reminder not to take work (or life) too seriously. It's the perfect way to bring a little laughter to your daily routine and maybe even spark some fun conversations around the water cooler. Own your throne time with pride and a sense of humour!

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